1. What are the advantages of wearing wigs?

- Wigs are versatile.

- Wigs are more convenient than getting a traditional sew in because you can wear the wig and then take it off whenever you want.

- You can just put the wig on and go! Wig combs are optional.

- You are able to properly take care of your real hair because you can take off the wig, wash and condition your hair, then put the wig right back on.

- Lasts a very long time with proper care. (It lasts longer than a sew in).

- People will never know that it is a wig because it looks just like a good sew in.

2. What is a u part wig?

 It is a wig that allows you to blend in a small section of your real hair through the u shape opening of the wig.

It also allows you to wear a center part or you can shift the wig over to the side and wear either a right or left parting in your hair.

3. What is a Flip over/Half wig?

It is a wig that allows you to leave the front of your real hair out by blending it over the very top of the wig.


4. What is a lace closure wig?

It is a wig where a lace closure is attached. The lace closure substitutes as the parting area which gives the appearance of hair growing out of your scalp.


5. What is a lace frontal wig?

Lace frontal wig is a wig where a lace frontal is attached. The lace frontal substitutes as the parting area from ear to ear which gives the appearance of hair growing out of your scalp. So if your leave out needs a break or if you don't want to worry about blending your real hair with a wig and want more parting space from ear to ear, a lace frontal wig will be perfect for you.

6. What is the process of getting a wig made by you?

You can read how my process works here, How My Process Works

7. What's the difference between a premade wig cap and your custom wig cap?

The premade wig cap I use is a wig cap that has already been made by a manufacturer. For example, premade wig caps are wig making caps that can be found at a local beauty supply store. The premade wig cap I use is made of breathable mesh material and an elastic band is around the perimeter of the cap.

My custom wig cap is machine sewn made by me from scratch based off clients head measurements. It is made with similar breathable mesh material and an elastic band is around the perimeter of the cap like the premade cap I use but the mesh material and elastic band of my custom cap is of higher quality.

Your wig will lay flat with a premade wig cap but since my custom wig cap is made from scratch based off clients actual head measurements, your wig will lay more flat on your head. People will really think that you have your hair sewed in and not on a wig.


8. How do I apply the wig onto my head?

Wig combs can be sewn to the inside of the wig so you can apply it on. You can also sew the wig on.


9. Do you make wigs with previously installed hair? Some of my tracks are cut, is that okay?

Yes, you can provide hair for your wig that has been previously used. Please be sure to wash the hair before sending it to me. If any tracks are cut, please let me know prior to sending. There will be an additional fee of $25 to make a wig with cut tracks.


10. What will I need to buy in order to get a custom wig made?

You will need to buy 2 bundles of hair, maybe even 3 or more bundles if you are using hair 18 inches and longer. Click on your desired wig service and hair required will be listed in the description.


11. Do you supply the wig cap? If so, what type of cap do you use to make the wigs?

Yes. All wig caps are provided by me. Clients have options! I make wigs with a premade mesh wig cap and my custom wig cap. Clients can also provide their own particular wig cap they want me to use for their wig and send it along with their bundles. If you are providing your own cap for your wig, please email me and be sure to try the cap on first before sending it to make sure it fits. My custom wig cap is made from scratch based off client head measurements on my sewing machine. It is made with mesh material which allows your hair underneath the wig to breathe and elastic so your wig will be snug.

12. When making the wig, do you glue, hand sew, or machine sew the tracks?

 I only hand sew the tracks.

13. Do you cut the tracks?

For majority of the wig, I use the fold over method. I only cut tracks as I get to the very top so the wig can lay flat as possible.


14. To make me a wig, will you need my head measurements? If so, what head measurements will you need?

Yes, I will need head measurements for wigs made with a premade wig cap and my custom wig cap to insure you will have the most comfortable and snug fit while wearing your wig. I need 3 head measurements: 1. circumference 2. Front to nape 3. Ear to ear (top). Here's a link to my youtube video on how to take head measurements. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BC3aD13dDbg


15. I want to have combs sewn into my wig. Do you supply wig combs for wigs?

Yes, I supply wig combs for wigs and sew the wig combs inside the wigs as well.


16. What is your turnaround time?

Starting from the day I will be available to start working on your wig, it will take me 5 business days to make your wig. My business days are Mon-Fri. Business days do not include weekends or holidays. I will send you pics after your wig is completed. After that, your wig will be shipped out to you.


17. Will I receive pics once you finish making my wig?

Yes, I will email you pics once your wig is completed.


18. Do you provide coloring and cutting services?

At this time, I only provide cutting services. Check the Additional Services Pricelist for the price. I do not provide coloring services. If you want your hair extensions colored, you can always go see your hair stylist. Or you can buy hair extensions that is the desired color you want for your hair extensions.


19. Can I pick up my package if I live in the DMV area?

Sorry, all orders will be shipped directly to the customers once they place their orders.